A major aspect of betting is depositing and withdrawing, and bookmakers use several payment channels in Zambia. In this article, we want to consider Zambia’s different betting payment methods in 2023.

Which Betting Payment Methods Are Used in Zambia?

One of the primary factors in choosing a bookmaker is the payment methods available on the betting site. It is important because, even though there are several channels, not every one of them is easy to use and available.

The good thing is that you have several options on the best betting sites. Below we analyse some betting payment methods used by bettors in Zambia.

Betting Payment Methods


Vouchers present an easy way to transfer money in Zambia. The major voucher company in Zambia is Kazang, and you can get the voucher pin from any of their outlets or online.

To use vouchers, you need to purchase the pin either physically or online and enter it on the deposit page of the bookmaker. The voucher company determines the minimum and maximum amount on vouchers, and you will get the value of the voucher once you redeem the pin. There are usually no fees for using vouchers to pay.

The challenge with vouchers is that the process of getting and redeeming them can be complex and is not very popular among bookmakers in Zambia. The major bookmaker that offers voucher deposits is Betway.

  1. Betway Zambia

    50% up to K1,000 as a Free Bet
    18+.The customer must place bets on either Sports or Jackpots equivalent to 3x the value of their first deposit at odds of 3.0 or higher. The maximum return on any Free Bet is K5,000. T&Cs Apply Full T&Cs

Mobile Money

Mobile money has made it easy for bettors to move money in and out of their betting accounts. Bettors can easily sign up for mobile money accounts using their phone numbers. And since the major telecom operators in Zambia- Airtel, MTN and Zamtel, offer mobile money services, it is available to almost everyone that has a SIM.

To use mobile money, you need to create an account with the telecom operators and fund your account using airtime or shop deposits. You can now use the online channel or the mobile money app to deposit and withdraw money.

The minimum and the maximum amount to deposit depend on the bookmaker. The minimum and maximum amount you can withdraw depends on the bookmaker. The time for both deposits and withdrawals is usually instant.

There is no major challenge in using mobile money, and most online betting sites offer the channel. Airtel is the most popular mobile money option, and some Airtel betting sites include Premier Bet and Gal Sports Betting.

  1. Gal Sport Betting Zambia

    200% from first deposit Up to 2,000 ZMW in Free Bet
    T&Cs: 18+. Wagering x3, minimum total odds of 3.0. Wagering must be completed within the first 30 days after your first deposit. Your Freebet bonus maximum net payout is 10,000 ZMW. Full T&Cs apply. Full T&Cs


Cryptocurrency is electronic money in the form of digital coins. It is now available to make and receive payments on some online betting sites in Zambia.

With the cryptocurrency option, bettors can now deposit from their crypto wallet to the bookmaker’s wallet and withdraw their funds from their account into their wallet.

To use the cryptocurrency option, you must be signed to a crypto exchange and have some coins in your wallet. You can now copy the wallet address of the bookmaker and send coins to it.

Using the crypto channel is usually instant, and you will pay transaction fees when you use them. The fees depend on the crypto exchange and the type of coin you are depositing. The maximum and minimum amount you can deposit with crypto depends on the bookmaker’s terms.

There are a few challenges with using cryptocurrency. The first is that it is not easy to use. So before you choose this channel, make sure you understand how to move money from one crypto wallet to another.

The second is the possibility of losing your funds. With crypto, if you transfer money to the wrong wallet by mistake, you won’t be able to recover it. The final challenge is that most bookmakers restrict all their bonus offers from deposits made through crypto.

The major bookmakers that offer crypto are international. For example, the crypto betting sites in Zambia include 1xBet and Premier Bet.

  1. 1xBet Zambia

    Get bonus 8190 ZMW
    T&Cs: 18+. Min deposit 900 ZMW. Use promo code VIPZM and get a bonus up to 8190 ZMW. Each accumulator must contain 3 or more selections, at least 3 of which must be at odds of 1.40 or higher. The bonus amount must be wagered 35 times. T&Cs Apply. Full T&Cs


Bettors in Zambia also have the option to use credit or debit cards for payments in and out of their betting accounts.

To use a debit or credit card, you must request it from your bank or fintech companies that offer payment services. The two cards that are most accepted are VISA and MasterCard. Once you get your card, you must set a pin to protect it. Then, you will need to input it to authorize any transactions with the card.

Card transactions are not usually free, even though the fee is not charged every time you make a payment, but in one bulk fee at the end of the month. Also, the transaction time is instant; in rare cases, it takes about 1-5 minutes for the transaction to reflect.

The transfer limit of cards depends on the issuing institution and the card type. The good thing is you can always increase your limit by contacting your bank.

The only challenge with using cards is that it is just for depositing money. However, there is a solution to this challenge. Sometimes you can use PayPal to connect your cards to the bookmaker.

PayPal acts like a wallet connected to the card, solving the withdrawal problem. This option is sometimes available with international PayPal betting sites.

How to Choose the Best Betting Payment Method?

With all the different betting methods out there, which one do you use? Well, it depends on several factors, which are not limited to the options available on the bookmaker you are betting with, the transfer limit, fees and time of transaction.

Therefore, we analyse some factors you need to consider before choosing a payment method below.


Security is the most important factor when choosing a payment channel. Even though every channel offers security, some channels have better security. For example, card transactions are usually the most secure as you may need to enter your card pin and a one-time password to move your funds.

Mobile money and cryptocurrency are also secure. Vouchers are the least secure as your pin can fall into the wrong hands.

Availability of Channel

Not every payment method is available to every bookmaker. So you must check the bookmaker you want to use to ensure that the payment channel you want to use is available. The most common payment channel is mobile money and card, while the least available is the voucher.

Ease of Use

Some betting payment methods are easier to use than others. To rate these channels, we start with the voucher, which is the easiest to use. All you need to do is to enter the voucher pin online. Mobile money and card payments are also easy; however, cryptocurrency is not so easy to use.

To use cryptocurrency, you will need to own a crypto wallet and be a little tech-savvy to troubleshoot in case any issues arise.


The limits of the various payment methods will affect how much you can deposit or withdraw. These limits can come from the bookmaker on that channel, or the limit is from the channel itself. Part of the limits imposed is on the bonus offers.

Transaction Fees

Most payment methods are free, but some, like cryptocurrency and card transactions, are not, so you must keep that in mind when choosing.

How to Make a Deposit on the Betting Site in Zambia?

Depending on the channel you want to use, there are different steps to deposit money into your account. Below, we will consider the two major channels you can use: Mobile money and cards.

How to Deposit Using Mobile Money

There are two methods for mobile money deposits: the online channel or the mobile money app from your phone. To use the online option, visit your account on the bookmaker’s website and select the mobile money option on the deposit list.

Next, enter the amount and click on ‘Continue’. You will be prompted to enter your pin on your phone to confirm the transaction. To use the mobile money menu, follow the steps below.

  1. Dial the shortcode or USSD code of your mobile money wallet.
  2. Select the make payment option.
  3. Select gambling and click on the bookmaker of your choice.
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit.
  5. Input your pin to confirm the transaction.
  6. The money will be sent to your betting account, and you will receive a transaction notification.

How to Deposit Using Card Transactions

The process of depositing with a debit or credit card is similar across several bookmakers in Zambia, so we have made a detailed guide on how to do so below.

  1. Head to the bookmaker’s website and log into your account.
  2. Click on the deposit button, usually at the top of the homepage.
  3. Choose your preferred deposit channel and enter the amount you want to deposit.
  4. Complete the deposit process by entering a pin or a one-time password.
  5. The money should be credited to your account depending on the transaction time of the payment channel.

How to Withdraw Money From the Betting Site in Zambia?

Unlike the deposit process, the withdrawal process is simpler, and this is because every withdrawal process starts from your betting account. So the process is similar whether you are sending using a card, using mobile money or sending crypto coins from your account to your cryptocurrency wallet.

Follow the guide below to withdraw money from your account.

  1. Head to the bookmaker’s website and log into your account.
  2. Click on the ‘My Profile’ icon, usually located at the top of the page.
  3. Select the ‘Withdrawal’ option from the list.
  4. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and select your preferred withdrawal channel.
  5. Click on confirm to complete the withdrawal process.

Normally the withdrawal time is instant for most cases like the card or mobile money options. Even using cryptocurrency takes about 1-5 minutes. However, if you don’t see the money in your account in 24 hours, please contact the customer care team of the bookmaker.

Online vs Offline Betting Payment Methods

With the evolution of technological innovations, online betting is on a high growth rate, gradually outperforming the traditional offline betting method. Below is a brief comparison between online and offline payment methods.

Online betting offers a variety of payment methods ranging from bank transfers to mobile money and even cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, offline betting payment mostly involves the physical exchange of cash by a bettor to the shop agent.

Payment on online betting sites is much more flexible as you can make payment at any time of the day as long as you have a device and internet connection. On the other hand, offline betting payments are highly limited to the time when betting shops are open.

Another area to consider is the fees associated with depositing or withdrawing online. Even though not all channels charge a fee, most of them do.

Betting Payment Methods in Zambia FAQs

As this article ends, we believe you now know how to deposit and withdraw funds from your betting account. However, before we conclude this article, we will answer some frequent questions about depositing and withdrawing money online.

Can you cash out bets online?

Yes. Even though there are not many betting sites with cash out in Zambia. The betting sites with cash out are mainly international sites.

Which betting sites accept cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a new payment channel, and a few betting sites accept crypto payments in Zambia. Crypto betting sites in Zambia include Premier Bet and others.

Can I make a deposit on the betting app?

Yes, of course, you can. You have to navigate to the deposit section, select your preferred deposit channel, and complete the process.

Can I withdraw money from the betting app?

Withdrawing money from the betting app is easy. You have to navigate to your profile, select the withdraw funds option, enter your account details, and then hit the withdrawal button.