Upon creating an account with the operator, the next step that you are going to perform is the Gal Sport Betting deposit. Only with a funded account will you be able to place bets and perform the main actions on a betting site.

Gal Sport Betting Deposit Guide for Zambia

If you have decided to use Gal Sport Betting as your betting provider, you are in luck, as they have a number of payment methods meant for Zambian users.

You need to create an account, use a Gal Sport Betting Zambia promotion code if you wish, and then opt for one of the following methods.

  • MTN
  • Zamtel
  • Shop Cash

Each method is different in its own right, but using it and making a deposit is fairly easy to do, no matter the chosen option.

Deposit via MTN

To deposit funds with MTN, you are going to have to be logged in to your player’s account and have to perform the following steps.

  1. Check first if the number added is the mobile number you registered the account.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to deposit and confirm by clicking the “Deposit” button.
  3. Check your mobile phone, where you will receive a USSD pop-up.
  4. Enter your Mobile Money PIN to confirm the transaction.
  5. Your account will be immediately credited with the amount you entered.

The minimum deposit amount using MTN is 1.00 ZMW, while the maximum is 20,000 ZMW.

GSB MTN Deposit

Deposit via AIRTEL

If you would rather make a GSB deposit via AIRTEL, then log in to your account and do the following.

  1. Be sure to enter the same mobile phone number that you’ve registered your account with.
  2. Enter the desired deposit amount.
  3. Press the “Deposit” button to confirm the transaction.
  4. You will receive a USSD pop-up on your phone where you are going to have to enter your Mobile Money PIN.
  5. After successfully entering your PIN, you will receive your funds in your player’s account.

AIRTEL requires a minimum deposit of 1.00 ZMW and allows a maximum of 20,000 ZMW.

GSB Airtel Deposit

Deposit via Zamtel

Making a deposit with Zamtel works fast and is easy to do as with other types of methods. You are also going to have to log in to your account but do the following.

  1. Confirm if the number on the screen is your registered mobile number.
  2. Write in the desired deposit amount and confirm by clicking the “Deposit” button.
  3. After you receive a USSD pop-up message on your phone, enter your Mobile Money PIN.
  4. After entering the correct PIN number, the amount you requested will be immediately credited to your account.

The least amount you can deposit with Zamtel is 1.00 ZMW, while the most you can request is 20,000 ZMW.

GSB Zamtel Deposit

Deposit via Shop Cash

You can also deposit funds in person by visiting any of the GSB shops. What you need to do is

  1. Provide your Player ID.
  2. You will receive a receipt with a Transfer Code.
  3. Go to the Deposit Menu.
  4. Pick the Shop Cash option and enter the code from the receipt.
  5. Press “Deposit” and wait a bit for the amount to be credited to your balance.

Using this method, you can deposit at least 1.00 ZMW.

GSB Shop Cash Deposit

Gal Sport Betting Deposit Time

No matter the method you decide to go with, you are not going to have to wait too long to receive your deposit. Each method offered by GSB works almost instantly.

The very second you complete all the deposit steps with your chosen deposit option, you will see the balance change and the amount you’ve entered added.

This also works as an excellent advantage as you are not going to have to wait too long to receive your funds and start wagering.

When it comes to Gal Sport Betting Zambia withdrawals, it is an entirely different thing as, in that case, the time for the transaction to be processed can vary.

Gal Sport Betting Deposit Limits

GSB has added some limitations when it comes to making deposits. For example, the minimum deposit amount using any of the offered methods is 1.00 ZMW, which is quite okay.

On the other hand, the maximum allowed deposited amount is limited to 20,000 ZMW, which is also pretty good for any kind of wagering that you plan.

Gal Sport Betting Deposit Problems

Nobody wants issues when using a betting site, let alone those in regard to depositing funds. However, problems do happen from time to time, and it is the customer service’s job to handle them.

You can easily consult the “Help” section on the site and find an easy resolution by yourself. Alternatively, you can get in touch with them via chat, email, or call to handle the situation.

Some of the most usual GSB deposit problems involve.

Entering the Wrong Phone Number

Each deposit method requires you to enter the mobile phone number you’ve used to create your account. You will need to check everything first before adding funds to your balance.

Be sure always to check the mobile number as you will need to receive the message to enter your PIN to approve the transaction.

The Transaction Time Takes Too Long

Deposits usually happen instantaneously, so if it takes too long for the transaction to be complete, it is a clear sign that something is wrong. In such a case, you are going to have to consult the customer service team or talk to your bank.

Trying to Deposit Beyond the Maximum Limit

GSB limits customers to a maximum deposit of up to 20,000 ZMW. If one attempts to go beyond it, the transaction will be rejected. In that case, you are going to have to lower the limit and transfer a more appropriate amount.